Wife & Mom (My motivation for everything in life-especially health)
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Kids Trainer
B.S. in Exercise Science, Minor in Coaching- Western Michigan University
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
AHA Certified CPR/First Aid Instructor
NETA Certified Health and Wellness Coach & Group Fitness Instructor
20 Years Experience Coaching Volleyball & Softball
D3 Collegiate Athlete- Softball & Volleyball

My CrossFit journey began 4 years ago; after being in the health field for over 20 years, I have never witnessed results in fitness as I have in CrossFit. What I love most about CrossFit is that it is for every person of any age and all fitness levels; from improving athletic performances to a grandparent's ability to care for their grandchildren and improve quality of life.
The CrossFit community is not only like a team, but a family. Every day there is a goal, that everyone is working toward, to the best of their abilities; all while encouraging each other. The focus of how your body performs suddenly overcomes the focus of how your body looks.

Competitions I have participated in are; Independance Games 2 years, Compete with a Cougar/WOD with a Sugar Daddy, Great Lakes Games, and two years in the CrossFit Open.



Bachelors of Science in Athletic Training from Saginaw Valley State University

Masters of Science in Exercise Science w/an Athletic Training focus

Softball, volleyball, basketball in high school

3rd baseman for Saginaw Valley State University varsity softball team, 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 team captain

CrossFit for 2 years

Favorite movements - hang clean, DB snatch, handstands

The reason I love CrossFit is because 1- I never, ever get bored with the workouts because there is no such thing as 'routine'. There is something so relaxing about finishing a soul crushing workout and being able to forget about everything going on outside of the gym. It is truly addicting and allows you to completely de-stress and recharge.

And 2- I love being around like-minded individuals who are all trying to be the best version of themselves while encouraging each other to do the same. 'Hanging out/working out' at the box is the best part of everyday. The saying, you come for the workout but stay for the people, has never been truer. The community and friendships created inside the box are the best you can get.



I am passionate about CrossFit because I have found it to be the most effective method to pursue true health. CrossFit provides a roadmap to a longer, healthier, and more joy-filled life. Following the CrossFit prescription leads to a happier life.

I am an L1 CrossFit Trainer and a CrossFit Kids Trainer. I have been training adults and kids for over six months now. I am also a coach at Triple River CrossFit. I train children and teens from ages 5 through 18 with drastically different athletic experience. I am also actively training in various high school in the area.

My CrossFit competition experience includes two years at the Independence Games, the Central East Throwdown, the Eight Day Games, DeathCon, and two years of participating in the CrossFit Open.

My athletic background is comprised of mostly wrestling. I have wrestled for over half of my life, starting in the seventh grade. I was a two-time state qualifier while at Sturgis High School. I continued my wrestling career at Alma College, where I was a 3-Year Captian, a 4-Year Varsity Letter Winner and a 2X Scholar All-American.

Alma College: 4 Year Varsity Letter Winner, 2X Scholar All-American, BA in Sociology
CF-L1, CF-Kids Trainer
I enjoy coaching all types of athletes, whether that is adults new to CrossFit, kids who don't actively participate in sports

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
CrossFit Kids Trainer
Anatomy Certificate
B.A. in Sociology with a Focus in Business and Social Psychology
Favorite Movements: Olympic Lifts, Squats. and anything Gymnastics.
Athletic Achievements:
4-Year Letter Winner at Alma College
2X Scholar All American
2 Time Wrestling State Qualifier at Sturgis High School



Varsity Baseball and Golf in HS
1 yr Pitching Lake Michigan College 2001

Crossfit Weightlifting Certified

Why Crossfit is for me. I was lucky enough to begin my fitness journey 7 years ago with some very close amazing friends at a pivotal point in my life when I needed the accountability the encouragement and the accomplishments among countless others that come along with Crossfit. What I call formal weight training-legs, chest, arms, back etc 5 days a week was never intriguing to me, but the constantly varied high intensity, infinitely scalable movements Crossfit offered did! I quickly found myself leaning more towards the Olympic lifts(Snatch/Clean&Jerk) since they focus more on technique, speed and mobility vs. strength, engine, endurance. Even though Crossfit has gotten me healthier and fitter than I could ever imagine the community is what I Love! Smiling faces during the most brutal wods, the PR high five , the good the bad the ugly, the competition. In the end it's all just fun and games trying to be the best we can be today.



Favorite Movements: Burpees (who says that), Thrusters & anything cardio!

Bachelor of Science Western Michigan University: Family & Consumer Sciences

CrossFit Level 1

Affiliate Owner

CrossFit Games 2018, Festivus 2017 Pairs, Festivus Individual 2018 2nd place finish & Great Lakes Games.
CrossFit changes you!!! Everyone who enters the door is looking to be better today than they were yesterday. The positivity & energy is motivating and addicting. Being healthy and a positive role model to my boys is my priority and focus, and we WOD together as a family on a regular basis. For anyone who thinks CrossFit isn't for them because they're not fit enough or strong enough or too out of shape, I encourage them to be BRAVE and try it! We all started not fit enough or strong enough and were too out of shape. Everyday our community challenges each other to be stronger, braver, fitter and a better version of ourselves. Join us! You won't regret it!



Education: I'm currently pursuing my degree in Accounting at Michigan State University.

Certification: Certified Yoga Instructor - Full Circle Yoga School, RYT® 200

Favorite movements: firefly, crow, handstand, wheel, mermaid, and bird of paradise

I have been practicing yoga for about 4 years. It started off as a way for me to stretch out and relax, but with my background in gymnastics, it quickly became a major passion. Yoga is my way to reconnect with my breath, body, and mind, and it leaves me feeling revitalized and recharged. Yoga has also been an amazing tool to help me recover from long runs, especially during marathon training.

I love teaching athletes of all levels - yoga will help you recover quicker, come back stronger, and work muscles that are often missed during strength training.

Aside from yoga, I also love running (I just ran my first full marathon, and I'll be running the Chicago Marathon in October), nutrition (I love creating and making healthy foods and learning about how food affects the body), spending time outside and on the lake (usually paddle boarding or sunbathing), and traveling (Hawai'i and Northern Michigan are two of my favorite destinations)!